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Intellicheck Mobilisa's New Patent Extends Industry Leadership In Real-Time Identification Authentication Solutions

 (June 24, 2015)

Intellicheck Mobilisa featured on

(June 1, 2015)

New Technology to Help Secure the Mississippi River

(May 8, 2015)

Services Look to Expand Background Checks at Gates

(April 10, 2015) 

Intellicheck Mobilisa Announces New Investor and Public Relations Firm

(April 8, 2015) 

Intellicheck Mobilisa to Develop Energy Usage Data Analytics System for U.S. Navy in Subcontract with TechFlow, Inc.

(March 31, 2015) 

Intellicheck Mobilisa Signs Contract with Helzberg Diamonds To Implement ID Check® Product at All U.S. Retail Locations

(February 23, 2015) 

Robert Sanfelippo joins Intellicheck as Vice President, Sales

(February 2, 2015) 

Intellicheck Mobilisa Appoints Robert N. Williamsen as Chief Revenue Officer

(December 23, 2014) 

CEO, WIlliam Roof, Ph.D. "thrilled" with Q3 results, stock soars on Puget Sound Business Journal

(November 4, 2014) 

New CEO, WIlliam Roof, Ph.D. featured on Puget Sound Business Journal
(October 7, 2014) 

New CEO, William Roof, Ph.D. featured on WALLSTREETPR.COM
(September 23, 2014) 

TWIC Plus reader contract with Port of New Orleans featured on GSN.COM
(September 17, 2014)

Lenel Factory Certification featured on Sarbanes-Oxly Compliance Journal
(August 22, 2014) 

TWIC Plus reader contract with Watco Greens Port Terminal featured on
(August 22, 2014) 

New COO, William Roof, Ph.D. featured on
(August 10, 2014) 

TWIC Plus reader contract with Washington State Ferries featured on
(August 5, 2014) 

Fugitive Finder™ app featured on
(July 31, 2014) 

19th Patent featured on Puget Sound Business Journal
(May 23, 2014) 

Fugitive Finder™ app featured on NEWS.SOFTPEDIA.COM
(May 16, 2014) 

CEO, Nelson Ludlow, Ph.D., interviewed on Federal News Radio (Audio)
(February 21, 2014) 

MexiScan™ featured on GSN: Government Security News
(January 24, 2014) 

17th Patent featured on GSN: Government Security News
(January 23, 2014) 

CEO, Nelson Ludlow, Ph.D. $4M Public Offering featured in Puget Sound Business Journal
(January 14, 2014) 

CEO, Nelson Ludlow, Ph.D. $4M Public Offering featured in Peninsula Daily News
(January 13, 2014) 

CEO, Nelson Ludlow, Ph.D. Turns Company Around featured in Puget Sound Business Journal
(December 6, 2013) 

TSA Should Take Notice of BarZapp™ featured on (Video)
(November 26, 2013) 

BarZapp™ and Celebrity Teens featured on
(November 20, 2013) 

TWIC Plus reader featured in Cargo Security International (CSI) Magazine
(November 14, 2013) 

CEO, Nelson Ludlow, Ph.D. Turns Company Around featured in the Peninsula Daily News
(November 12, 2013) 

CEO, Nelson Ludlow, Ph.D. Turns Company Around featured on
(November 6, 2013) 

BarZapp™ featured on
(October 24, 2013) 

Intellicheck Mobilisa's TWIC Plus Readers First on TSA QTL featured on Maritime Reporter
(October 18, 2013) 

BarZapp™ featured in FSR Magazine
(October 1, 2013) 

Intellicheck Mobilisa featured on the Sacramento Bee
(September 18, 2013) 

BarZapp™ featured on Red and Black
(August 30, 2013) 

BarZapp™ featured on Hospitality Technology
(July 31, 2013) 

TWIC Plus Reader featured on GSN: Government Security News
(July 30, 2013)

BarZapp™ featured on US News and World Report
(July 26, 2013) 

BarZapp™ featured on Investor’s Business Daily
(July 17, 2013) 

BarZapp™ featured on The Content Standard
(July 13, 2013) 

BarZapp™ featured on Discovery News
(July 11, 2013) 

BarZapp™ featured in Puget Sound Business Journal
(July 10, 2013) 

BarZapp™ featured on
(July 4, 2013) 

ID Check's Role in Catching Boston Bombers featured in Government Security News May 2013 Vol. 11 Issue 5
Upon clicking the link above, please look to the bottom right hand corner for the article entitled: 
"ID scanning software helped identify Boston bomber’s fireworks purchase in N.H." 
Story continues on page 29
(June 5, 2013) 

Port Townsend Software Firm Helped Track Boston Bombing Suspects featured on KOMO News (Video)
(May 1, 2013) 

Port Townsend Firm Helps ID Boston Bombing Suspects featured in Peninsula Daily News
(April 29, 2013) 

Northwest Company's Technology Could Prevent Acts of Terrorism featured on KIRO TV (Video)
(April 26, 2013) 

Defense ID® at Combat Center featured on
(April 26, 2013) 

Nelson Ludlow, Ph.D. Returns as CEO featured in Puget Sound Business Journal
(February 8, 2013) 

Buoy Based Security System featured in Popular Science Magazine
(September 2012)

ScanINN® Speeds Motel 6 Check Ins featured on Lodging News Canada
(July 2012)

'ID Risk Check™' Would Require ID Every Time You Swipe A Credit Card 

(Aug 12, 2011) 

Latest Counterfeit IDs are so Good They're Dangerous 
(July 30, 2011) 

New Buoy Seeks To Boost Security 
(July 26, 2011) 

Potomac-deployed Buoy Opening up Business Opportunities for Intellicheck Mobilisa 
(July 17, 2011) 

Potomac River Home to Solar-Powered Buoy, New Tool for Pentagon
(July 13, 2011)

Intellicheck Mobilisa's Wireless Buoy Security System Featured On San Diego's KFMB-TV
(March 3, 2011) 

Intellicheck Mobilisa Featured on Seattle's KIRO Radio Discussing Bar Code Scanning of Licenses for Credit Applications and Security
(September 01, 2010) 

Intellicheck Mobilisa Featured on BNN, CBS & NBC Discussing Technology Available That Can Identify and Stop Terrorists from Boarding Planes
(May 5, 2010) 

A Case of the Navy's Communication WOW Factor
(April 27, 2010) 

Russell 2000's 25.2% Rise Is Best Showing Since 2003
(The Wall Street Journal, January 2, 2010) 

Attempted Airline Attack Boosts Stature, Stock of Port Townsend's Intellicheck Mobilisa
(Peninsula Daily News, January 1, 2010) 

Intellicheck Mobilisa's Stock Soars on Airline Security Concerns
(Seattle Times, January 1, 2010)